Thursday, August 17, 2006

Back again

Well it's been a few months since the last post. Here to dropoff a few more links for everyone to enjoy.

Here is H19's Flickr Gallery of the bottle trees. Some of the best photos yet.

There is a new Podcast I had never heard before called the Route 66 Minute. Take a listen and learn more about the Bottle Trees

Great article from he Press Enterprise By Mark Muckenfuss

"I tell people, your mansion's inside of you," Long says, touching his chest. "Your house is where your heart is. If you let your house go to hell, well, you're finished." Read More

The Bottle Tree ranch made USA Today list of places to visit on Route 66

OC Weekly Forum thread on The Bottle Trees Of Oro Grande, Ca
OC Weekly Article by Michelle Green
Click the link for "More Photos" to see all The Photos from OC weekly. Photos by Steve Perez


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like many things I find on the web I just blundered onto your site, don't even remember what I was looking for at the time. But I was captivated with your bottle trees. When I was a kid my dad & I went on lots of scavanger hunts on the mesas fringing Albuquerque in old abandoned houses, dump sites, camp sites, you name it; those were the best childhood times. Those places are all gone now & covered with urban sprawl. But I always liked finding old pop bottles. At one time while by father was working on a construction site to expand Presbyterian Hospital, the crew uncovered an old dump site full of medicine bottles & the like. At the time there were no bright orange biohazardous waste disposal bins in every hospital room! So he brought me some of the bottles to add to our collection. My bottles are now displayed on an old petrified tree & looking at it when the sun's shining through it never fails to bring back sweet memories.

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